Connections with system – all over in measuring and testing – solid and accurate

In the global competitive scenario, low grade measuring- and testing instruments cost a company much more than investment in equipment of proven quality. Because in these times of limited budgets and cutthroat competition, there is one thing you cannot effort“ (Hirschmann)

This trend-setting statement shows a basic setting, that prove to be right to the today’s global economical events and add authority to the requirements of sustainable products.

Since many years in praxis approved components from our construction kit system are to find all over in industrial research and development, professional training and production. If simply and robust self converted or as plug and play article – uninsulated, insulated, in touch protected or touch secured application – in measuring and testing instruments, training equipment and tool environment – for each application we have a robust, flexible, resilient and eminently long-living solution.

Clamp type test probes
Clamp type test probes

Anytime to have hands free – this is basic to extensive measuring and testing worksteps in electronic assembly and reparation in mechanical and plant engineering and construction, electrical handcraft, for effective working and high results.

Clamp type test probes with diverse grip jaw-constructions and test probes with strong or sprung stainless steel tip assure the expansion to measuring points, that are unreachable by hand and contact respectively clamp with constant force. Only by this way exact measuring results are achievable.