Nowadays everybody is talking about the term "Industry 4.0". Aim is to connect the field level with the IT world. This is based on an infrastructure that enables seamless communication in the machinery and equipment. This infrastructure includes fieldbus modules as a coupling point between the sensors and actuators and the fieldbus. There are a number of different fieldbuses and protocols. The best known are Profinet, Profibus, AS-Interface, EtherCAT, CAN, Powerlink or Sercos.

SKS develops electromechanics and manufactures modules for renowned resellers. SKS can use housing and connector kits and provides the highest quality standards in the integration of complex printed circuit boards in the housing systems.

Fieldbus systems


The picture shows a modular, decentralized fieldbus system with degree of protection IP67. On the far right is the bus coupler and to the left various I/O modules can dock. SKS has developed electromechanics (housing, contact technology), integrated the customer's circuit boards, built the tools and manufactured the system in series.