Energy producers have a great responsibility.
The manufacturer of the components more than ever!

Sustainable products, pioneering solutions and environmental compatibility are not just catchwords for us, but a measure of our actions. According to our know-how we are working on electromechanical contact solutions for the energy conversion interfaces (for example, on solar panel) for routing in the system technology and interfaces (contact elements) in systems engineering.

Based on the applicable standards for PV junction boxes, the SKS has developed junction boxes for photovoltaic modules, short: PV junction boxes. Basis for the design are many years of experience in the area contact technology and electromechanics. For an efficient and high quality manufacturing we use 2-component injection molding technology. A highly dimensioned protective against hot spot effects in the PV module ensures the life of the entire PV system.
This provides the basis for a reasonable investment in the future.

Another SKS innovation is the LCS system. These are hybrid connectors for PV systems. In addition to the power contact for the transmission of up to 32A at up to 1000V system voltage, two signal contacts (diameter 1mm) are arranged in the connector. With these signal contacts you can realize a communication channel to the PV modules. So you have the possibility to monitor your PV system except for the module level or to switch off individual PV modules in the event of need.

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