New Micro-test set for 0.64 mm system with Micro-SMD Clip

The test set PMS 0.64 SMD consists of a high-quality test clip especially for SMD components next to miniature clamp-type test probes, test probes and test leads. This is the MICRO-SMD Clip, a spring-loaded, two-pole test clip. It has a gold-plated, hardened tip for testing circuits, flat-nosed grips for individual components, notch for gripping thin wires. Balanced spring force permits testing of large and small components. Furthermore it is equipped with a 0.64mm pin connection and electrically insulated spring.

Content of PMS 0.64 SMD:

- MICRO-KLEPS (Clamp-type test probes) – 97397210x

- MICRO-PRUEF MPS 2/0.64 FT (Miniature test probes) – 97399510x

- Micro-SMD Clip 1 (test clip) - 972416100

- MAL N 4-0.64/100-0.25 (Measuring leads) – 93416010x

 PMS 0,64 SMD


Flyer PMS 0,64 SMD

Flyer PMS 0,64 SMD

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