The roots of the company extend back to the year 1956 with the foundation of the Elektrogerätewerk in Gornsdorf / Erzgebirge. The electrical contact was the focus of development and production of connectors over many years. Experiences were made together with research institutes and universities in this field.

After the "Wende" the wide wealth of experience in the field of connectors and connector systems could be used for new challenges.

The foundation of the SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH in July 1998 was the logically consistent step to realise the existing potentials structured and targeted with entrepreneurial freedom to implement customer-specific requirements.

The permanent assessment of the requirements on the market prompted us to start necessary investments for a promising future.

We have focused on expansion of our portfolio over the years through acquisition of new products as well as further applications so that we could inspire new customers from all over the world to cooperate with SKS.

Meanwhile the opportunities within the SKS group have improved considerably to provide a wide range to our customers.

The spatial conditions as well as available equipment leave room for expansions and new projects also at short notice.

The successful development up to now confirms on the one hand the high acceptance of our expertise on the market and on the other hand the company philosophy including the decisions taken.

Milestones during the period 1998 to 2010

July 1998foundation of SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH, Thalheim 1998certification according to ISO 9001 2000Portfolio expansion of mould making / injection moulding by purchasing of the company Präzisionstechnik und Elektronik GmbH Mittweida 2001acquisition of Pulsotronic and concentration of sensor technology at Pulsotronic GmbH & Co. KG, within the SKS group 2001implementation of new merchandise management system APFS May 2002Relocation from Thalheim to Niederdorf into new building near the motorway A72 2004acquisition of ASi-Slave components from the company Hirschmann 2004membership in ASi-International association 2004introduction of new logistics concept by Lean-Lift systems and consistent expansion in the following years till 2007 2005acquisition of ASi-connection technology from Hirschmann 2005acquisition of press-in technology "SNAKE Press" from Würth Elektronik June 2006relocation of Pulsotronic to new building next door and free areas for enlargements of SKS 2006extension of marking techniques by investment in laser technology 2006purchase of product range "Test & Measurement" from Hirschmann 2006expansion of product range by acquisition of door sill panels and tank caps (MECROM) 2007completion of new building for Pulsotronic Anlagentechnik so that prefabrication departments of SKS (injection moulding, punching and tool building) can be expanded and relocated 2007certification according to DIN EN 14001 2007portfolio expansion of pin headers by new acquisition 2009further concentration of the T&M production in Niederdorf 2010membership in DKE/AK 911 since 2015Expansion measuring Equipment (Keyence, Zeiss 3D) June 2016UL certification Wiring Harnesses Nov. 2016certification Energy ISO 50001 May 2018recertification 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 January 2019SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH and Pulsotronic GmbH & Co. KG become part of the PHOENIX CONTACT-group
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